Friday fun funds

Check in Time: Opens at 4:30 pm Drawing times: 5:30pm – 11:00pm

· This promotion will utilize the Swipe & Win Kiosk machines and the MGT E-Draw software located at the Winners Club to select qualifiers at random.
· The Ohkay Casino will conduct twelve (12) drawings per drawing night.
· Once a winner is confirmed winners club personnel will walk the winner to the prize wheel so they may spin the wheel.
· Two complete wheel rotations are needed for spin to be considered a valid spin. If not, a re-spin will be necessary.
· Any attempt to slow down, stop or manipulate the wheel will void the spin and will disqualify you from participating on this night’s drawing.
· Whichever prize the wheel stops on is the amount of cash that winner will be paid.
· All players will receive one (1) free weekly entry through the length of the promotion, and one (1) entry for every ten (10) same day points earned.
· Players can earn 10x entries on Tuesdays & Thursdays through the length of this promotion.
· Drawing entries are accumulated from the previous Saturday to current Friday for Friday drawings.
· Drawing drum will be emptied every Friday following the last drawing.
· “Check in” for drawings will be open one (1) hour prior to drawing start times. “Check in” is not possible while in the process of a drawing but will be reopened immediately after winners have been found. Check in ends prior to the last drawing each night.
· Drawn customer name and card number will be announced over the microphone and will be displayed throughout the casino on TV monitors.
· If drawn customer fails to report to the Winners Club within 2 minutes, another name will be drawn until a winner is found.
· Anyone who is drawn will only be called once & can win one time per drawing night.
· A valid ID is required to claim any prize. Acceptable forms of ID include driver’s license, military ID, passport, tribal ID, Government issued visa. If a winner does not have their ID at the time they’re drawn, the following rules will apply:

I. Players may be identified from their account in the Patron system and Winner’s Club Host will fill out promotional data sheet showing the prize value to be paid when a valid ID is provided, No signatures.

II. Drawings held Sunday through Thursday; all winners must present their ID within 24 hours. For Friday & Saturday drawings; all winners must present valid ID on Monday. For drawings on holidays, all winners must present their valid ID on the next government business day.

III. When winner presents a valid ID, Winners Club Host will issue prize and have winner sign promotional data sheet.

IV. If winners do not present their valid ID within the time allowed, they forfeit the prize.