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dollars by the dozen

Dates: September 2, 09, 16, 23, 30, 2023

Check in Time:  OPENS AT 4:30PM                Drawing times: 5:30pm – 11:00pm                        

  • The Ohkay Casino will conduct twelve (12) drawings utilizing MGT E-Draw system to randomly select players one at a time.
  • Drawings times and Prizes for all Saturday drawings are as follows:

Drawing time and Prize Value:

| 5:30PM = $1,000 CASH

| 6:00 PM = $1,000 BONUS CASH 

| 6:30 PM = $1,000 CASH 

| 7:00 PM = $1,000 BONUS CASH 

| 7:30 PM = $1,000 CASH 

| 8:00 PM = $1,000 CASH 

| 8:30PM = $1,000 BONUS CASH

| 9:00 PM = $1,000 CASH 

| 9:30 PM = $1,000 CASH 

| 10:00 PM = $1,000 BONUS CASH 

| 10:30 PM = $1,000 CASH 

| 11:00 PM = $1,000 BONUS CASH 

Bonus cash prizes are valid for 72 hours.  Any unused bonus cash will expire.

  • Entry accumulation will begin on August 27th, 2022.
  • All players will receive one (1) free weekly entry through the length of the promotion, and one (1) entry for every ten (10) same day points earned.
  • Players can earn 10x entries on Tuesdays & Thursdays through the length of this promotion.
  • Drawing entries are accumulated from the previous Sunday to current Saturday for Saturday drawings.
  • Drawing drum will be emptied every Saturday following the last drawing.
  • “Check in” for drawings will be open one (1) hour prior to drawing start times. “Check in” is not possible while in the process of a drawing but will be reopened immediately after winners have been found. Check in ends prior to the last drawing each night.
  • Drawn customer name and card number will be announced over the microphone and will be displayed throughout the casino on TV monitors.
  • If drawn customer fails to report to the Winners Club within 2 minutes, another name will be drawn until a winner is found.
  • Anyone who is drawn will only be called once & can win one time per drawing night.
  • A valid ID is required to claim any prize.  Acceptable forms of ID include driver’s license, military ID, passport, tribal ID, Government issued visa.
  • Bonus cash prizes are valid for 72 hours. Any unused bonus cash will expire.